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Phil has a great deal of experience delivering workshops and masterclasses. All workshops are tailor-made to suit course participants and usually conclude with a group performance to invited audience. Workshops and masterclasses can also take place before a performances particularly if Phil is working with your ensemble as a guest soloist or conductor.

Workshops cover many topics, but mainly focus on instrumental technique, tone development, rehearsal and practice techniques and ensemble playing.

Contact Phil directly to discuss your workshop requirements.

Conducting Workshop


Improve your conducting skills, score reading ability and rehearsal technique. Achieve more from your ensemble through your direction. Covering everything from basic beat patterns and baton technique to annotating/reading scores, rehearsal technique and musical direction. A fun and informative workshop that can be tailored to suit participants who have little or no experience of conducting, or established conductors looking to refresh their skills and explore new techniques.

Saxophone/Clarinet Technique and Ensemble Playing Workshop


These workshops are for groups of clarinettists or saxophonists wishing to improve aspects of their own playing. Starting with improving technique through a series of exercises and playing, and culminating in either a clarinet or saxophone choir performance showcasing the new skills learnt.

Aspects of technique include:

- Embouchure development
- Breathing and airflow
- Articulation
- Tone development
- Intonation
- Posture
- Style
- Ensemble playing
- Performance

Repertoire is carefully tailored to workshop participants, clearly differentiated and well-presented, allowing everyone to access the workshop and make improvements in their own playing.

Jazz Improvisation Workshops for all Instruments


Learn to improvise on your instrument!

Phil offers workshops to suit groups of musicians at any level; with little or no experience of jazz improvisation through to more advanced jazz improvisers.

These workshops offer participants the opportunity to explore jazz improvising in a safe and rewarding environment.

From improvising first notes to improvised solos embedded within jazz harmony, Phil's workshops can improve your jazz improvisation within many different settings and using many varying ensemble combinations.

Workshops are bespoke to the participants; the material used changes to suit the players. All workshops are based around suitable core material and culminate in a performance.

Instrumental Teaching Workshop


Improve your instrumental teaching skills with Phil's instrumental teaching workshops. Whether you are considering instrumental teaching or are already teaching, Phil's approaches and techniques can offer you a new way of thinking about the way we teach instrumental music. With lots of participation both 'teaching' and being 'taught', these workshops are a fun and informative way to explore the world of instrumental teaching.

Topics covered include:
- Relevant warm up techniques
- Use of improvisation
- Fun instrumental technique
- Fun scales(!)
- How to approach teaching new pieces
- The importance of language within teaching
- Setting goals
- Duetting
- Supportive playing
- Demonstrating to students
- Ensemble/group teaching and directing

If you would like any more information about the above workshops, a masterclass or clinic with Phil please get in touch via the contact page and Phil will be happy to discuss your exact requirements with you!